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Waste of $$

This app does not work on Macbook Pro running High Sierra. Fix it or give me my $$ back!

Does not work

This product does not work at all for me. Do not buy.

Works as expected if ZIP file is on local drive

I saw reviews of previous versions that ranged from "can't open a single file I've tried" to "opens everything I've thrown at it" before purchasing this app, but decided to give it a shot due to its low price. I thought I had wasted my money after trying to open ZIP files that are stored on a Drobo S that is connected via USB to another Mac system and shared across my home network. The Zip View app consistently displayed an error message citing "Error: 1" when attempting to open the files across the network. However, once I copied them to my local drive, it opened them without issue. These ZIP files each contain 6 files and are about 300 KB in size, so I'm not sure why the Zip View app has difficulty opening them across my gigabit-ethernet network. Once I got past that hiccup, the app has done everything it claims as long as the files I'm trying to open are stored on my local drive. I hope the app's developer will fix this issue, but it is easy enough for me to work around it for now since the ZIP files I'm working with are really small.

Simple y sencillamente 4 dolares a la basura

la aplicacion no sirve desde que tengo maverikcs simplemente se queda el circulito multicolor dando vueltas y nunca hace nada…. les regalo los 4 dolares ustedes los necesitan mas que yo… mediocres

Not very useful

I could not even open a PGP password protected zip that I created so I knew the password. I do not feel this application lives up to its description. So far it has not opened anything.

Cool, but not what I expected

I downloaded it, to mod minecraft, but you cant place files in a zip file, so im out $4. Maybe ill find some other use for it. If the Dev reads this, please make it so you can place files into an archived file!


It's been opening everything I through at it, it's the equivalent of winrar on Windows. And unlike every other app I've tried, you don't have to unzip the entire file to extract content (ever extracted a 4 gig zip? it can take hours). It even extracted a Camrec file from Camtasia once renamed to zip, buy it!

So far so good.

I'm not using this frequently but so far so good and it's a good value. Plus it appears to be getting worked on, and that's a plus. Just today an update was available.

Does the job.. just

This is a good product, and is worth $1.99. However, there are two major shortcomings that I think most users will find annoying. Firstly, even though you can view the contents of an archive, you cannot drag the file into the desired location - you have to select the files you want, click uncompress, and it will put them in the same folder as the archive. So, if that folder is a temp folder, for example, you then have to go and hunt down the files. Secondly, there does not appear to be a way to associate this program as the default program that Outlook 2011 or Mail uses for unarchiving - this is one of the main reasons I need this software is to look at zip attachments and extract only the files I need. However, this second point may be fixable with an Outlook configuration, nevertheless I would expect the authors of this software to include instructions (ideally detecting that I have Outlook installed) on how to achieve this common use case. The software does let you look into zip files without the entire archive being decompressed, so this is a good start, and I look forward to updates that fix the above.


It ask for a password, and I'm not really sure what the password is, I know it wasn't setup by me. Since I do not know the password, it doesn't let me unzip my zipped file. What is the fix please?

Not worth even 99cents.

I've been unable to open a single zipped file. I was hoping to find a program that would let me do exactly what this one claims to, to my surprise this one only gives error messages.


This program does not allow viewing zips and simply runs non-stop without any discernable progress. A COMPLETE WASTE OF MONEY IN MY BOOK! Has not opened a single zip file to date, but has a lovely spinning circle that never ends.

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